Our Hygiene Concept

The security of a healthy environment for your carefree holiday at the Hotel Villa Schuler

Our comprehensive Hygiene Concept was developed in compliance with the legal requirements of the Italian National Government and those of the Sicilian Regional Government as well as with those provided by the Italian Hotel Associations. Beyond the legal requirements, we have introduced further measures based on the catalog of measures of the Italian hotel associations as well as current scientific findings.

All our employees and the entire hotel management have been comprehensively trained and certified this July on measures against the spread of the coronavirus, especially with regard to the hotel sector. Our hygiene officer is Christine Schuler in cooperation with our external partners, the Institut Training Services srl, the ISO 14001 certification institute So.Gest Ambiente, our HACCP supervisor Dott.ssa Maria Angela Russo and our company doctor Dr. Salvatore Abbate, as well as with our Product Manager and the heads of Housekeeping, Food&Beverage, and Maintenance departments.

Our staff as well as the hotel management are fully vaccinated and furthermore regularly medically checked. In the event of fever or symptoms of illness indicating an infection, all employees are instructed to stay at home and contact their family doctor immediately. Before starting to work, the body temperature of each of our employees is measured with a contactless thermometer. If it exceeds 37.5°C, the employee concerned will immediately be sent back home.

Please note:
From January 10, 2022, throughout Italy by means of law the reinforced EU Digital Covid Certificate, called super green pass, will apply to all hotel guests, which means that only proven fully vaccinated or recovered guests will be able to use the services of a hotel. We as a hotel are obliged to verify this at your check-in. Also this rule contributes to the safety of your stay.

In the event of changes in the official regulations, our new procedures will of course be adapted immediately, both if stricter measures are introduced and also if the regulations in force will be relaxed.

Your Room

To make you feel completely comfortable and well protected, on arrival you will find a perfectly cleaned and disinfected room.

  • Your room has been subjected to intensive cleaning with chlorinated and alcoholic agents, and all hard surfaces such as tables, armrests, door handles, telephones, remote controls, etc. have been additionally disinfected.
  • As a special service that goes beyond the legal requirements, we subjected your room to a professional OZONE generator treatment shortly before your arrival (no chemicals). This ensures that all materials in the room, as well as the entire room air and the air conditioning system, are disinfected  (killing viruses, bacteria, and molds as well as carcinogenic and allergenic microorganisms).
  • The disinfection of our individually controlled air conditioning systems, which was previously carried out monthly in each guest room according to the regulations, is now carried out weekly.
  • Our staff carries out all the work described, equipped with certified FFP2 mouth and nose protection. The chambermaids use disposable gloves, which are disposed of hygienically and environmentally friendly after each single individual room treatment.
  • All hotel linen, from sheets to towels, is washed in our in-house high-tech laundry at high temperatures and with detergents that guarantee the absence of viruses.
  • The small refrigerator in your room was also disinfected before your arrival. It is not equipped as a minibar, also for hygienic reasons. You can buy the drinks of your choice at our bar or cool your own drinks there.
  • We ask for your understanding that we will suspend our usual daily turndown service in the early evening until further notice, in order to reduce contacts.
  • We also ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to offer our in-house laundry service for private guest laundry. Of course, we will be happy to organize alternatives for you.


For the days of your stay you can choose between the following 3 alternatives:

1) You can opt for our traditional cleaning and hygiene service, which will visit your room daily during your absence.

2) You can also opt to ask for our cleaning service to take place only on certain days, so please inform us in advance.

3) You can also opt to waive the daily cleaning service in your room for the entire duration of your stay. This means that during your entire stay no one but you will enter your room.

To alternative 1 and 2, you can also reserve an additional ozone disinfection treatment for your room. In this case, we ask you to coordinate the day/days and time of the treatment with us, as it can only take place in your absence from your room. The special treatment takes approx. 90 minutes, depending on your room size. For this additional service, we charge 20 Euro per treatment.

We kindly ask you to inform us about your preference before your arrival.


The disinfection and purification of our common areas

  • Three times a day, our employees disinfect frequently used contact points throughout the building, such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, water taps, public toilets, etc. The terrace area as well as the tables and chairs in our large garden are disinfected twice a day. All steps are carried out according to a detailed checklist, which is countersigned by our employees.
  • The reception, the breakfast area and the kitchen are being sanitized continuously with highly efficient air filter machines, using ActivePure® Technology, proven to riduce RNA and DNA Virus to 99,99 percent and certified by by the NASA Space Foundation.     
  • Hand disinfection stations are available for you and for our employees at central points in the hotel.
  • We kindly ask all our guests to thoroughly disinfect their hands when entering the hotel and the breakfast area, and before contacting reception.


Distance requirement and compulsory use of face masks

Keeping a minimum distance from other guests who are not part of your family is the most effective protection against a corona infection, in addition to wearing the mouth and nose protection and sticking to the hand and sneeze etiquette.

  • Our team has the obligation to keep the distance of at least 1 meter/39,4″, which is legally required in Italy, so we ask our guests to do the same.
  • Please also keep the prescribed distance also to other guests. Mutual attentiveness helps to protect everyone.
  • We would like to point out that wearing mouth and nose protection within closed rooms is mandatory in Italy. We, therefore, ask all our guests to wear mouth and nose protection when entering the hotel and when moving around inside the hotel. Once you have sat down at the breakfast table, you can of course remove the mouth and nose protection. Wearing mouth-and-nose protection does not release you from the obligation to keep your security distance. You can of course remove the mouth and nose protector in the outdoor areas of the hotel.
  • In addition, we recommend that you always have your mouth and nose protection with you when outside the hotel, as wearing a mouth and nose protection is not only compulsory in all indoor areas and means of transport in Italy but is compulsory also outdoors whenever it is expected that the minimum distance of 1 meter/39,4″ cannot be maintained. This can happen when walking along Corso Umberto in Taormina.
  • Please have understanding for the fact that our elevator can be used at the same time only by those persons who share a room or belong to the same family.
  • Our employees also wear certified FFP2 mouth and nose protection when in direct contact with guests as well as in their workrooms that are not visible to the public.
  • For all our common areas on our premises, we have determined the maximum number of persons on the basis of legal requirements. Our generous spaces allow us to guarantee the prescribed minimum distance between tables and chairs for all our guests.


Your breakfast

You have the choice: you can reserve Room Only and/or select different breakfast options and book them along with your room. We offer a high-quality breakfast and our ambition is to constantly improve our service, to propose to our guests both a wide selection of Sicilian specialties as well as to meet the expectations of our international clients.

Full breakfast served à la carte at the table*

Our extensive à la carte breakfast is served exclusively on our spacious breakfast terrace, in the breakfast room, or in the Palm Terrace Orangery. A large selection of freshly prepared meals, plenty of space with guaranteed social distancing.

Three room service breakfast types served only in the room:

Wake up drink

Hot drink or Juice of your choice for all those who do not like to eat in the morning.

Continental Breakfast
2 rolls or toasts or 1 croissant, butter, 2 kinds of jam, juice, a hot drink of your choice.

Fruits and cereals
Fresh fruit salad, muesli or cornflakes, milk, buffalo yogurt, juice, a hot drink of your choice

*Iconic Full Breakfast at Villa Schuler has always been a particularly well-liked and enjoyable start to the day. And we want it to stay that way. Fortunately, the hotel has many outdoor tables on the palm terrace with sea view. Nevertheless, we have to observe some rules here as well.

  • We serve our breakfast à la carte at the table. We have always done this at Villa Schuler – also for hygienic reasons. Your breakfast will be freshly prepared for you in our HACCP-checked breakfast kitchen in compliance with the highest standards of hygiene. We do our best to serve you as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding if your individually composed breakfast, freshly prepared to order, requires the time of preparation it takes.
  • To enable you to place your order without having to contact a menu card, we will also provide you before your arrival with a link so that you can easily download our breakfast menu onto your smartphone. At the reception and at the table you can also download the menu by QR-Code.
  • Our service staff is equipped with certified FFP2 masks.
  • In line with current scientifically based hygiene recommendations, we prefer frequent and correct hand-cleaning to the use of disposable gloves when serving drinks and food.
  • The tables in our breakfast room, the Orangery, and our extensive Palm Tree Terrace have been rearranged so that the minimum distance of 1 meter/39,4″ between the backrests of all chairs is guaranteed at all times.
  • Only people who share a room or belong to the same family can sit at the same table.
  • Please understand that in this critical period we serve salt and pepper as well as oil and vigenar in single portions.
  • The table linen is changed after each guest meal.
  • Crockery, cutlery, and glasses are washed hygienically at high temperatures in professional dishwashers.


The Reception

For your protection and that of our employees, we try to work as contactless as possible. Of course, our multilingual reception staff is always ready to answer your questions, give advice or tips, or organize transfers and excursions or make restaurant reservations for you. The reception is open 24/7.

  • The reception is being sanitized continuously with a highly efficient air filter machine, using ActivePure® Technology, proven to riduce RNA and DNA Virus to 99,99 percent and certified by by the NASA Space Foundation.
  • As far as possible we carry out a low-contact check-in and check-out. For this purpose, we will send you a link with our reservation confirmation/before your arrival. Please use this link to send us your home address and photos of the relevant pages of your identity card/passport before your arrival.
  • Protective screens at the reception counter make sure that direct contact between guests and staff is avoided.
  • Our reception staff wear certified FFP2 mouth and nose protection and disinfect their hands before and after each contact with guest objects.
  • Card payment devices are disinfected after each use.
  • We kindly ask you to always leave your room key at the reception when leaving the hotel.
  • It will be disinfected each time by our reception staff.
  • Distancing rules in the reception area ensure that the number of guests is kept to a minimum.
  • The surface of our reception desk is disinfected with an alcohol solution of 75% after each guest contact.
  • The handles of our (rarely needed) rain umbrellas are also disinfected with a 75% alcohol solution before and after each use.


Our parking service

If you arrive by car, please let us know in advance. As we only have two parking spaces in front of the hotel, which we need for smooth arrivals, so we advise you to reserve a valet parking space in our hotel’s own garage together with your room booking. The fee includes the parking service by our staff.

  • A parking service employee will take care of your luggage and park your car in the garage after a joint car body condition check recording scratches or any damages.
  • Like all our employees, he wears certified FFP2 mouth and nose protection and for this special service, he wears disposable gloves, which he will dispose of safely and environmentally friendly after each parking procedure.
  • Our employee will always park your car with the air conditioning switched off and the windows open.
  • The key to your rental car will be disinfected after each parking procedure.


We would like to ask for your cooperation

Only together and in a mutual effort, we can defeat the dangers of the coronavirus. Please help with the implementation of our hygiene concept, please follow the instructions on our signs and the instructions of our trained staff.

  • Please wash or disinfect your hands regularly and before entering the common areas.
  • Please observe the sneezing and coughing etiquette.
  • Please wear a mouth and nose protection in public areas.
  • Please keep a distance of at least 1meter to other people.
  • For the protection of all guests and employees in our hotel, we are asked to isolate guests with a temperature above 37.5° in their room and report the circumstance to the local health authorities, who will then decide on further measures (discretion guaranteed). The hotel has the right to take your temperature on arrival with a contactless thermometer. Should you develop a fever during your stay, you are obliged to report this to the reception desk.


Your leisure time

  • In our spacious garden and on our large outdoor terraces you will find plenty of space to relax in the fresh air enjoying the required safe distance. Our bar service staff can be reached via reception phone #9 and will serve your order to your seat or room. Our bar service is available 24/7.
  • Just like our breakfast menu, you will also receive a link to our bar list, which you can then also use on your smartphone. Once here you can also download the bar list by QR-Code.
  • The distances between the sunbeds or pairs of sunbeds on our Rooftop Lounge&Terrace are increased to 3 meters/118″. Please keep this distance for your own protection and that of other guests.
  • The shuttle busses to our partner beaches now run with fewer passengers at a time. Distance and masks are compulsory during the short journey. You can also reserve an individual taxi service at a special reduced rate.
  • Our reception staff will be pleased to organize individual excursions with the local and multilingual drivers of our partner Sicilylife. Nature excursions to Mount Etna and the Alcantara Valley are offered by our partner Legendary Sicily. Of course, our partners observe all prescribed hygiene measures, distance rules, and the obligation to wear protective masks.

We wish you a hassle-free and relaxing holiday at the Hotel Villa Schuler. Welcome with open, socially distanced arms! For any questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Christine and Gerhard Schuler and team
Hotel Villa Schuler, Taormina, Sicily

Updated:  January 7, 2022. Subject to change without notice.