Your Safe Stay

Dear friends and guests of Hotel Villa Schuler,

Our hotel is now closed for its traditional annual refurbishing break. At the moment we are planning to reopen on June 26, 2021. In any case, ONE ACCOMMODATION REMAINS BOOKABLE until then: our Garden Villa Suite in Self-Catering.

our Garden Villa Suite as an apartment with self-catering. 

The HOTEL VILLA SCHULER GARDEN SUITE is a comfortable, exclusive and independent suite with a fully equipped kitchenette, situated in our large, exotic, and well-cared botanical garden, directly in the historical center of medieval Taormina, Sicily.

Staying here anytime inside the period until June 26, 2021, also means that you can enjoy one of the largest private gardens in the city center just for yourself!


Taormina and its 11.00 inhabitants are ready to start the new season 2021. From May 8 our vax hub will vaccinate 600 daily. For your Safe Stay our hotel developed a Comprehensive Hygiene Protocol of in-depth cleanliness & disinfection procedures in compliance with all legal requirements of the Italian National Government and those of the Sicilian Regional Government. We voluntarily introduced some additional measures based on suggestions provided by the Italian Hotel Association “Federalberghi”, and on some other recommendations based on updated state-of-the-art current scientific evidence. For your Safe & Relaxing Stay, our Hygiene Protocol includes also the complete disinfection & sanitization of your room before your arrival, combined with a final antiviral treatment using a professional ozone generator. The indoor air of lobby and breakfast rooms is treated 24/7 with Active Pure® Technology.

The comprehensive Health Safety Protocol that we have developed to ensure that your stay is as carefree as possible will be applied to all our hotel operations and services from June 26, 2021.

The parts relevant for a stay at our Garden Villa Suite will be applied with immediate effect. This includes not only that we wash all the linen of your suite, from the sheets to the towels, in our in-house high-tech laundry at high temperatures and with detergents that guarantee the absence of viruses. This also includes the comprehensive disinfection of the entire suite with cleaning agents containing alcohol and chlorine as well as an additional antiviral treatment of the rooms with a professional OZONE generator before each new arrival.  

In the event of changes in the official regulations, our new procedures will of course be adapted immediately, both if stricter measures are introduced and also if the regulations in force will be relaxed. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are ready to make your stay a wonderful and safe one – we look forward to your visit!

A safe welcome with open, socially distanced arms! Arrivederci a Taormina!

Christine and Gerhard Schuler

Hotel Villa Schuler Health Safety Protocol

Last updated May 3, 2021