Your Safe Stay

Due to the international crisis caused by the current pandemic, which has disrupted virtually all touristic activity worldwide, we decided to close Hotel Villa Schuler and put it on standby.

We are prepared and ready to reopen with immediate effect, as soon as EU borders will be again open, the last remaining government restrictions still in force will be lifted and safe travel will be possible again.


Sicily has had, and still has, a much lower infection rate than in the rest of mainland Italy.
TAORMINA until today has had and still has, NOT ONE single case.

Our priority is to provide a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment for all our hotel guests (and also for our staff), and at the moment we are working intensively in preparing our reopening strictly adhering to all Covid-19 Prevention and Safety Measures recommended by the WHO in its last «Operational Considerations for Covid Management in the Accommodation Sector», as well as to those issued by the Italian Government. In fact, we will do even better.

Please continue to check this page or contact us directly for an updated and reliable information about the real actual situation here in Sicily and our prediction about when we estimate that Taormina will be fully operative again, in order to guarantee your safe and relaxed holiday in Taormina and Sicily.

Christine and Gerhard Schuler,
owners and manager

Taormina, updated June 2, 2020