Your Safe Stay


For your Safe Stay our hotel guarantees a fully vaccinated and adequately trained staff plus a Comprehensive Hygiene Protocol of in-depth cleanliness & disinfection procedures in compliance with all legal requirements of both the Italian National Government, of the Sicilian Regional Government, and on the protocol “Accoglienza Sicura” (Safe Hosting) provided by the Italian Hotel Association Federalberghi. We also introduced some additional voluntary measures based on updated state-of-the-art current scientific evidence. For your Safe & Relaxing Stay, our Hygiene Protocol includes also the complete double-disinfection of your room before your arrival, combined with a final antiviral treatment using a professional OZONE generator. Lobby, breakfast rooms, and kitchen are treated 24/7 with ACTIVE PURE® Technology.

This is our comprehensive Health Safety Protocol that we have developed to ensure that your stay is as carefree as possible.

In the event of changes in the official regulations, our new procedures will of course be adapted immediately, both if stricter measures are introduced and also if the regulations in force will be relaxed. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are ready to make your stay a wonderful and safe one – we look forward to your visit!

A safe welcome with open, socially distanced arms! Arrivederci a Taormina!

Christine and Gerhard Schuler

Hotel Villa Schuler Health Safety Protocol

Last updated February 6, 2022

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