Your Safe Stay

Dear friends and guests of Villa Schuler,

A long period of strict lockdown is behind us. Traveling is now possible again, not only within Europe, but it is likely that in the next weeks it will be possible to reach Europe gradually again also from other continents. This is because the restrictions necessary to limit the spread of the virus have been partially relaxed – with the due caution we continue to fully share.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we can inform you that we will be able to welcome you again at our Hotel Villa Schuler from AUGUST  22, 2020.

Of course, not everything will be exactly the same as before. There are now a number of regulations to be taken into account which serve the safety of us all and for which we would also be grateful for your kind cooperation.

Your safety and health and that of our staff is our top priority!

Based on the recommendations of the WHO, the Italian Hotel Associations, the legal requirements of the Italian National Government, and of the Sicilian Regional Government, we have developed a comprehensive Health Safety Protocol for your safe and relaxed stay.

The professionalism and passion of our team will ensure that we can implement all legal requirements without impacting the quality of your stay.

Our generous indoor and outdoor spaces including our large Palm Terrace, our 1500 sqm botanic garden, two breakfast rooms, and our Rooftop Lounge&Terrace, allow us to easily guarantee the required social distance rules.

In a period in which the buffet breakfast concept is not recommended, it is now a great advantage that we have been always serving our breakfast à la carte at the table and have therefore a lot of experience with this type of personalized service. 

The hospitality sector has always been subject to numerous regulations regarding work and food hygiene, which we are now extending with further measures adapted to the current situation. We also coordinate these measures with the safety and hygiene procedures of our ISO 14001 certification for environmentally friendly hotel management.

Beginning of March 2020, when we opened the hotel for this season, we had already introduced additional measures to our daily standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Mid of March we closed the hotel due to the worldwide standstill of tourism and we also had to suspend most of our seasonal staff.

Like us, all of our employees responsibly followed for weeks the extremely strict lockdown measures introduced by the Italian government and they continue to comply with all regulations. We are therefore very grateful that to this day we have not had to record any covid-19 cases in our team.

Moreover, not a single case has been registered in the whole town of Taormina as of today. Reopening means also that our employees will stay at home in case of any sign of fever or illness in accordance with legal requirements.  

All our employees are currently being trained to correctly apply the new procedures. All our hygiene and safety measures and their observance have always been, and continue to be, constantly reviewed and, if necessary, modified on the basis of professional training courses by the certification company Training Services srl, in collaboration with the ISO 14001 certification institute So.Gest Ambiente, our HACCP supervisor Dott.ssa Maria Angela Russo and our company doctor Dr. Salvatore Abbate.

In the event of changes in the official regulations, our new procedures will of course be adapted immediately, both if stricter measures are introduced and also if the regulations in force will be relaxed. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The entire Villa-Schuler team is ready to make your stay a wonderful and safe one again from August 22, 2020 – we look forward to your visit!

A safe welcome with open, socially distanced arms! Arrivederci a Taormina!

Christine and Gerhard Schuler and the Hotel Villa Schuler team

Hotel Villa Schuler Health Safety Protocol

Last updated July 31, 2020