Small intimate weddings in Taormina

Taormina has some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Mediterranean.

If you are planning a small private wedding in Taormina with family and close friends, if the number of your guests is below 20, then Hotel Villa Schuler is most probably one of the best locations for small intimate weddings in Taormina.

It may only be the two of you and a small group of loved ones, but that’s enough to enjoy the beauty of Taormina and Sicily and the richness of its culture. Let us help you with all the details to ensure your romantic getaway is impecabbly planned and executed, so you can enjoy every minute of it.


  • a more personal celebration
  • more time for the bride and groom to spend with their guests
  • a cosy, romantic wedding
  • our careful attention to details
  • a photogenic backdrop with exquisite views and gardens

How to organize your perfect small intimate wedding in Taormina?

You can choose:

  • to celebrate a Catholic church wedding in various beautiful small churches in town
  • or a Civil ceremony in Taorminas classic medieval Palazzo Duchi di S. Stefano.
  • to involve a wedding planner of your choice
  • or ask us to recommend you a local, reliable, english speaking one and putting you in direct contact.

You do not need to hire a wedding consultant for all details: there are many important details that we can organize according to your personal wishes without adding unnecessary commissions or extra-costs.

You will be put in direct contact both with the hotel managers, Christine and Gerhard Schuler, as well as with one dedicated, experienced reception staff member avoiding all middlemen.
Your small intimate wedding in Taormina will therefore turn out to be also a more approachable one.

We are happy to help you organizing many things, procuring for you the best possible deals from the local vendors as:

  • Beautician and Make-up artists from a professional wedding-specialised beauty salon
  • Hairdressers of our neighbouring professional wedding-specialised hair salons to do your hair on the day in the privacy of your hotel room at the Villa Schuler
  • Flowers and flower arrangements from a professional florist
  • Transport: wedding chauffeur driven limousine or vintage car service
  • You might also want to consider the classic convertible FIAT 500 wedding car or the funny Ape Calessino, as photographed above
  • Professional photography taken by a photographer for the best photo shots of your unforgettable wedding moments
  • Music during the Church ceremony / Civil ceremony and for the reception.

To complete your small, intimate and unforgettable wedding in Taormina we can also organize your:

  • Cocktail reception
  • Banquet
  • Buffet dinner or sit-down dinner

in a unique setting.



non-residents can be married in Taormina in a Catholic church according to Catholic rites. To be married in a parish in Taormina you will need to obtain the „Nihil Obstat“ from your local diocese, signed by your bishop. Local wedding planners in Taormina can also arrange a celebrant for Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox rites to marry you in a sacred location.

Catholic Churches in Taormina close to our hotel:

  • Duomo of Taormina, 400m from the Villa Schuler. Capacity: up to 300 people
  • Church of Santa Caterina, 400m from the Villa Schuler. Capacity: up to 150 people
  • Church of Varò, 150m from the Villa Schuler. Capacity: up to 100 people
  • Church of San Giuseppe, directly on the main square of Taormina, 100m from the Villa Schuler. Capacity: up to 150 people


Civil ceremonies may be celebrated in Taorminas City Hall or ind the classic medieval Palazzo Duca di Santo Stefano, 400m from the Villa Schuler. Capacity: up to 60 people.

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