Ancestry Sicily Tours

Ancestry Sicily Day Tours from Taormina

Find your Sicilian ancestry while visiting Sicily!

Sicilian descends are one of the largest and most prominent Italian groups in the United States, in Australia and in South America.

  • is Sicily the place your ancestors came from and so you finally decided to visit our beautiful Island wishing to trace your Sicilian roots?
  • are you looking for some reliable assistance to help you both when planning your trip as well as during your actual stay?


If you are in search of your ancestral roots in Sicily, we can help you to recover your family roots organizing a private escorted tour to the places where your relatives used to live.

Our experienced, native Sicilian, perfect English speaking driver will escort you on a private escorted genealogical research tour in any local town or village. He also speaks perfect Sicilian, so he will accompany you to the city hall archives and to churches in order to help you find old papers, original documents, registrations about your family, to get your ancestors’ birth or wedding certificate or even help you tracing your grandparent’s house!

In order to research and investigate your ancestral links, he will also take you around the town or the village, engaging with local people on the streets and at the main town bar, as Sicilian cafés are most commonly referred to and where locals meet and chat every day.

Book 3 or 4 days in Taormina and inform us about the details you know about your ancestors, adding the activities and experiences you wish to do in Sicily, the guided tours you wish to combine with your ancestral tour, as visiting unique archeological sites, traveling off the beaten track, savoring authentic and genuine Sicilian food …

Hotel Villa Schuler will help you preparing your personalized, unforgettable tour back to the town or the village of your ancestors!

Of course, we cannot guarantee successful research results, so the more information you can provide about your ancestry, the more likely we will get you there. We have no doubt that you will discover something truly awesome and authentic because we can guarantee that we will take you as close as possible to your roots.

On one or two single-day tours from Taormina through spectacular landscapes, visiting historic sites, you will discover genuine Sicilian flavors and experience the best of Sicily on this one-of-a-kind personalized tour that we will organize tailor-made for you.

On a real journey through time, walking the paths that your progenitors walked, you will surely gain a new perspective and understanding about the place your ancestors came from.

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