Valet parking


Taormina HAS parking problems and most hotels in the medieval town center DO NOT have a garage.

The Hotel Villa Schuler is one of the very few hotels in the historic town center of Taormina that is both easily reachable by car and has a garage directly on the premises.

Avoid parking problems and long walks. Pre-booking your garage space with valet parking at Hotel Villa Schuler has the advantage of having our valets waiting for you whenever you reach the hotel both on arrival day as well as during your whole stay in Taormina.

Take advantage of a relaxed arrival as compared to turning up at the hotel and requesting a parking space, which might not always be available last minute! Reserve your on-site garage space in advance along with your room reservation at our garage valet parking rate of Euro 22 per day.

Please consider that Vans, Jeeps, and SUVs need 2 parking spaces. Please note also that our garage is not accessible between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.