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Charme and comfort in chic Taormina

The charming and historic Hotel Villa Schuler is appropriately described as beeing a most appreciated boutique hotel in Taormina, in this marvellous and famous tourist resort on the holiday island of Sicily. The stylish hip hotel ambience, the exotic garden at a 2 minute’s walk from the pedestrian main street Corso Umberto, breakfast served á la carte, wi-fi in the whole building, the relaxing atmosphere and tradition of a panoramic boutique hotel, the comfort and the excellent 24 hour service provided, the ideal hip hotel for a charming vacation in the historic centre of Taormina, Sicily.

Charming boutique & garden hotel in the historic center of Taormina

In the historic centre of Taormina you will find an unbeatable choice of boutique, local handcrafts, natural sights and glamour. Hip Hotel Villa Schuler in Taormina, Sicily ist the most appealing offer for a charming getaway holiday, for a romantic honeymoon and wellness in a comfortable and refined sicilian villa. Since 3 generations the Schuler family has created a splendid boutique hotel surrounded by an athmosphere of unique beauty.

Visit the HIP Hotel Villa Schuler and enjoy harmony, beauty, comfort, romance and hospitality.

Taormina charming hotel

Taormina charming hotel | Sicily charming hotel in Taormina | hotel de charme in Taormina Sicily