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January 03 2012


How to get information on strikes throughout Italy: on this page Hotel Villa Schuler lists strikes as they pertain Sicily as well as some of the national transportation strikes. We try to inform our clients about upcoming strikes as soon as possible. To be sure, just check also the web sites listed next. 


If you need information on strikes in any parts of Italy, the best resource is the "Commissione di Garanzia". This is the strike authority in Italy. 

Its web site is very informative: www.commissionegaranziasciopero.it 

The site is in Italian, but with some elementary Italian - or even without - you should be able to identify strikes in the area of your interest. The best is, after having opened the main site, to just click on "elenco scioperi" which means "list of strikes". You will find a list of all strikes alphabetically arranged by sector and you can scroll down to the ones that interest you, such as transportation strikes: - Taxi - Trasporto Aereo (airlines) - Trasporto Ferroviario (train and railroad strikes) - Trasporto Marittimo (ferries) - Trasporto Pubblico Locale (local public transportation) To the left of the sector's name you will find "data sciopero", which means "date of strike". This indicates the previewed date of the strike. 

To controll the actual status of a planned strike please carry on reading down below, where you will find "stato dello sciopero": "revocato" means "cancelled", "differito" means "postponed to" The box "interventi della commissione" lists actions taken by the "Commissione della Garanzia". If the Commissione has intervened, this will most likely mean that the strike violates regulations and will therfore probably be revoked or at least postponed. You might also want to check on Generale (general strike). These are rare but affect all sectors. You will find the button on the main site. Another useful link is the web site of the Italian Ministry of Transportation: http://www.infrastrutturetrasporti.it/page/standard/site.php?p=scioperi&PHPSESSID 

You can check as well the following web site, which provides a service in English: www.summerinitaly.com/planning/strike.asp 

If you have any doubts or questions please don't hesitate to e-mail us to: schuler@tao.it 

Last updated: May 22, 2014 Italian Government Strike Authority