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January 03 2012


ITALY 2005 A ban on smoking in all public places such as hotels, bars, restaurants, discotheques and offices went into effect on 10 January 2005 as Italy joined a growing number of European countries imposing stricter restrictions on smokers. 10 January 2005. (Globalink news)

Italy imposed a ban on smoking in all enclosed public places including bars and restaurants from midnight on 10 January 2005. Businesses face a fine of up to 2,000 euros if they fail to ensure their customers do not smoke, while smokers themselves could face a 275 euro (360 dollars) for repeatedly ignoring the new rules. The ban has not been welcomed by all, with some bar owners and smokers saying they will ignore the ban on the grounds that cigarettes and smoking are an integral part of Italian bar and cafe culture.

The rules allow smoking in special sealed-off areas fitted with smoke extractors; however many bar owners say fitting the automatic doors and forced ventilation systems required by law is too expensive. At the moment the Hotel Villa Schuler has no smoking area of this kind, smoking is therefore only allowed in all the outdoor areas of our hotel: the palm terrace, the sun-roof and the garden.