The Garden

Relaxing hideaway

A historic, botanically significant exotic park of 1500 sqm surrounds the Hotel Villa Schuler. The sea-front Palm Terrace with it’s oleanders, frangipanis and jasmines offers stunning sea views. In the large terraced garden on the town’s side you will discover a precious botanic treasure with over 300 species of mediterranean flora as well as tropic or subtropic rarities cared by our expert and passionate gardeners. Romantic paths, fragrant flowerbeds and shady pergolas, a herb section, a fish pond with gold fishes and water turtles, a nursery and cosy secluded corners where you can enjoy relaxing moments. 


One of the things that make the Villa Schuler so special are it’s gardens. From the busy Main Street “Corso Umberto”, a dozen of steps down a small alley and entering through the wrought iron gate of the Villa Schuler Gardens, our guests find themselves immersed in lush greenery and alluring Mediterranean scents…an oasis of quietness.

The large terraced garden has been laid out by grandfather Eugenio Schuler in 1902 with palm- and lemon trees, rosemary and sage, jasmines and bougainvilleas, a pergola, a pavillion and various cosy furnished corners. Already back then, our in the meantime more than 20 meters high pinus pinea pine was towering high above the premises. With its 200 years it´s the oldest tree in Taormina.

Adding also the gardens of both our neighbours, the Villa Schuler Gardens are the largest green area inside the medieval town centre of Taormina.

Over the years various species were added. Sicilian and Mediterranean plants form the heart of the garden, surrounded by tropic and subtropic plants from all over the world. Rare palms, banana trees, cactuses and succulents. Being passionate gardeners ourselves, some of them we brought from our own travels. In the hotels´ nursery we cure, grow and multiply them. A wide range of the plants of the Villa Schuler gardens are labeled with their botanical names and origin.

The plants of our garden

  • More than 300 species from the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia
  • Orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit trees
  • Fragrant plants and herbs
  • Cactuses and succulents
  • annual, biennial and perennial flowering plants 

Garden lovers will find various books and publications on botany in our hotel. Our humble and passionate, English speaking gardener Giuseppe Coslovi (“Pippo”) will be happy to invite you to an individually shaped guided tour through our garden according to prior agreement (or even spontaneously).