FAQs: detail

January 03 2012


Breakfast at Villa Schuler is included in the room-rates. It is served "à la carte" in the non-smoking breakfast room, on the panoramic terrace, in the Orangery or in your room. Our constant effort is to keep our customers satisfied. A good Bed & Breakfast has to offer a good quality breakfast and we continually try to improve our services to meet the expectations of our international clients on holiday here in Taormina. The first service of the morning starting the day of our clients is a breakfast served "à la carte" at the table. You can choose between the non-smoking breakfast room, the panoramic terrace and the Orangery. Or to have breakfast served in your room.

The attached breakfast-menu offers a large choice of quality products of market-leading companies allowing to choose freely between varieties of always-available alternatives. We gave priority to including the largest possible choice of natural foods, local products, regional specialities and fresh food without preservatives. Some organically grown products as well. Our service guarantees reliable standards, constant availability, freshness and hygiene. The atmosphere wants to be relaxed and friendly. From 07.30 to 10.00 a.m.

Clients wishing to have breakfast served earlier than 7.30 can order on the previous evening from the same menu and for whichever time. After 10.00 you can still order a smaller continental breakfast. So we serve breakfast from midnight to midday. Our breakfast is included in the room rates. On request we serve breakfast also in your room, without supplement.


B r e a k f a s t  07.30 - 10.00 a.m.

- espresso - coffee "Hag" (decaffeinated) - cappuccino - coffee with milk - cocoa / chocolate - fresh milk*

- black tea (english breakfast) - 4 red fruits - tropical fruits - camomile - peppermint from our garden* - cold tea with lemon (only in summer)

Granita* (sicilian speciality, half frozen only in summer):
- coffee granita - fresh fruits granita

- wholemeal*, sesame*, soya*, ciabattina*, croissant* and brioche* - rusk (classic or wholemeal) - rye bread

- butter* - jams - marmelade - honey - Nutella - dietetic jams and saccharin - demerara cane sugar


- our coffee blend : 70% "robusta" 30% "arabica" - bread : no chemical additives


- orange - "sanguinelle" (blood oranges) - grapefruit - pineapple - apple - fresh orange juice* (from december to may) - fresh carrot juice

- Müesli original (without sugar) - Müesli crocant (crispy) - corn-flakes

- plain - low fat - strawberry - cherry - apricot - wild berries  
- special Sicilian buffalo yoghurt from the Ragusa highlands*

- boiled - fried - scrambled - omelete - crepe

- cheese spread - Philadelphia - Edamer - "provoletta dolce"* - mozzarella* - "pecorino"* (fresh cheese from ewe's milk)

Cold cooked meat *:
- ham - smoked ham - salame "Milano"

- liver - calf's liver - "Mettwurst" peasant style - ham cream

Fresh fruits*:
seasonal assortment

Fruit compote:
- apple - pear - peach


* these products are produced in Sicily